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Upcoming Course: The Medicine of Council – The Sacred Art of Facilitation

The skill of a facilitator is unique and rarely practiced, even by those who consider themselves to be a facilitator. For me there is a big difference between a teacher and a facilitator. A teacher may often spend the session imparting her, or his knowledge and take up the whole session talking about them self, their skills and their knowledge. In general teachers will have more of an agenda, information that they need to give out as a part of their work, whereas the facilitator will follow the threads of the group in that immediate moment. There is nothing wrong with the teacher having a prepared curriculum, it is entirely appropriate for imparting knowledge, however this is not facilitation, it is teaching.

A facilitator says very little, they might pose a question or offer a teaching, with the lightest touch. They become one with the community will open up the space for each person to speak and share their experiences or thoughts on a given theme. The part of the sacred art of facilitation is ‘Reading the Field’, this is a learned skill. This way of working is a completely non-power over way of working, it is without ego or self-aggrandisement. It is a truly heart centred way through which the community become empowered - they, the community, are the teachers. In the Medicine of Council training we encourage a heart centred way of being, speaking from the heart is an art that takes practice, we learn to drop down into the heart rather than speaking from first thoughts. This way of working requires absolute presence in each moment and it creates strong community, enabling even the most powerless to discover their power and so speak truth to power. The Taoist way is to reach that place of emptiness, allowing the Tao to flow through you, the facilitator becomes the conduit of spirit, the Tao, this is the ultimate aim of good facilitation.

A facilitator is no better and no worse than a teacher, but they are very different skills and we need both of these skills in our lives today. Both roles are in service to their people. In this training you will learn to listen from the heart, listening in this way is revolutionary, it can literally change the world. You will be encouraged to deepen you relationship with nature and with each other, you will experience the power of connection, the power of knowing that you are a part of the ‘Web that has no Weaver’. You will experience the power of being fully present in each moment and will open to the truth that you are woven into the world and the world is woven into you. This is a life changing experience, don’t miss the opportunity to find your way home to your rich and wonderful self.

You can read more about The Medicine of Council course here.

The course takes places on the last weekend of every month starting in September 2024 (with a break in December). You will need to pay your deposit of £100 by August 31st to secure your place. I look forward to hearing from you and to welcoming you into the Sacred Space of The Medicine of Council.

Simone Silver Path

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