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The Medicine of Council

Holding Sacred Space
A Heart-Centred Practice of Deep Listening, Sacred Ceremony and Authentic Self-Expression

The Medicine of Council is my way of working with the ancient practice of Council, Ceremony and the Creative Arts. At the heart of this work is our connection with nature and with all living beings. We reconnect with the Soul of the World and so enter a bigger landscape within ourselves, our relationships and the world in which we live.

In this practice, rather than focusing on our problems and the problems of the world, we honour the potential for wholeness and this enables us to envision and manifest positive outcomes for ourselves as individuals and within our families, communities and places of work.

This heart-centred way of being creates a healing space through deep listening, respect and openness, bringing the potential for profound, sustainable change. It breaks down the barriers of fear and prejudice which lead to fragmentation and separation, enabling us to reach out and create a strong sense of community and belonging.

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Who's it for?

The Medicine of Council can be used in groups - large or small, with couples and with individuals in a one-to-one setting.

This evidence-based work has successfully been used in schools, residential children's homes, families, community groups and prisons.

In therapeutic settings, it is a revolutionary way of working with trauma and abuse. It allows those who have suffered trauma to reframe their story and realise that they are the heroine/hero of that story.

So if you want to move from fragmentation to wholeness in your way of being, if you want to create community where each individual is heard and recognised for the gifts that they bring, then this course is for you.

You do not need any previous qualifications but you should know that this is not a personal therapy course. It is important that you have in place your own support systems before beginning this work.

"Participating in Simone's [the Medicine of Council] course has been nothing short of a life-changing experience for me. I feel so grateful to have been given the opportunity to be initiated into the art and craft of Council (especially by such an amazing teacher) and cannot recommend this course highly enough."

- Dr Rachel Reid

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Nikki Wilkinson
Creative Arts and
Dance Movement Therapist

Simone Silver Path
Wilderness Psychotherapist, Shamanic Teacher

What to expect

This one-year training is online via Zoom.

The online training is on the second weekend of each month. It includes time offline for creative arts activities and connecting with nature. This is followed-up with weekly videos and written materials to support your learning between sessions. 

The training includes:

  • Learning how to attune to and share sacred space in our relationships, with our communities and with Nature

  • The ancient practice of Council

  • The intentions, forms, themes and contexts of Council

  • Deepening the practice of Council and learning to facilitate it

  • Practising and learning to facilitate creative arts activities

  • Story-telling, mirroring, writing, drawing, embodying practices, movement, dance and voice work

  • Participating in and learning to facilitate nature-based ritual and ceremony

  • Meditation, medicine walks and journey work

  • Exploring the seasons (inner and outer) and the Four Directions


"I was privileged to witness the transformational impact of [the Medicine of Council] in the lives of some of our most traumatised and vulnerable young people. Not only did [the Medicine of Council] enable healing through giving a voice for children’s experience it provided a way for those that cared for them in residential and fostering homes to think and practice therapeutically to support that healing. Through embedding [the Medicine of Council], profound and sustained cultural change was achieved in residential care. Simone herself is a warm and highly experienced, creative and skilled therapist and an inspiration to work with."

- Alister Brown, Executive Director Children Service, the Adolescent and Children’s Trust


£1,400 - £1,600 (payable in full or in instalments) according to what you can afford. There will also be an optional residential in the summer of 2025 for five days - cost to be decided if there is enough interest.

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