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Courses are available online and occasionally in person.

No previous experience is required just an open heart and sense of humour.

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Weaving the Dream

This is an invitation to connect to the sacred nature of all that exists. You will experience liminal space spending solo time out on the land, this is a calling to the life of the soul. The earth will be your teacher and the wisdom gained will come back into the Council as your story to be shared and mirrored, should you wish to do so.

the moon rises above top withens, hawort
the moon rises above top withens, hawort
Women's Moon Lodge

The Women's Moon Lodge is a gathering of women who come together to learn shamanic healing, ceremony and women's medicine ways.

The course comprises of 6 sessions within which we will connect to and honour our landscape as women. As we travel around the wheel of the year, connect to the wisdom of the natural world/ancestors and to our creative body with the creative arts and medicine walks.   

The Medicine of Council

If you want to move from fragmentation to wholeness, if you want to create community and live in a world where each person is heard and respected, then this one year training is for you.

This is a one year online training running over 10 weekends. 

The beautiful unspoiled Northumberland c
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