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Professional Experience

I have many years of experience in the practice of Shamanism, Ceremony and the Medicine of Council. I am also a psychotherapist trained in Person Centred Therapy and in Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy.

I have taught young people the Way of Council and have trained adults working with young people in this way. I was the manager of the Kite, a children’s psychotherapy service working with children/young people and their parents/carers where child sexual abuse had created trauma and suffering. I have worked with schools and within business settings with the Medicine of Council, (then called Holding the Space). This way of working was researched by Strathclyde University and shown to have outstanding outcomes for young people.

My Living Practice

I walk my dogs out on the land every day and my connection to nature is fundamental to my well-being. I am filled with dancing trees, wide rivers and wild seas. I walk with the Wind Wolf, who’s spirit blows through the fields of barley and corn bringing an ocean of beauty and change, the endless promise of renewal.

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