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Upcoming course: Weaving the Dream

Four Days of Ceremony and Sanctuary in Northumberland

Simone Silver Path and Gilly Thirlwell

May 27th to May 30th

Burnlaw Centre, Northumberland

This residential workshop will be held in Northumberland at the Burnlaw Centre.

This is an invitation to connect to the sacred nature of all that exists. You will experience liminal space spending solo time out on the land, this is a calling to the life of the soul. The earth will be your teacher and the wisdom gained will come back into the Council as your story to be shared and mirrored, should you wish to do so.

We will work with shamanic journeying and healing practices creating ceremony and community. You will experience a Dream Council and a Council of All Beings. All of our work will be held in the Medicine of Council a practice that Gilly and I have taught over a number of years.

There will be evening workshops led by different teachers;

Yoga Nidra – Gilly Thirlwel

Dance and Movement – Karen Yendall

Breath, Song and Voice – Lulu Guinness

The cost is £350 - £500, please put yourself where it is comfortable for you. The price includes lunch each day, breakfast and evening meal is to be self-catered.

There is also a small fee to be paid for accommodation, either camping of bunk house. The cost of camping is £10 per person per night and the cost of a bunk bed is £20 per night per person. These fees are to be paid on arrival, directly to Gilly. Please let us know, when booking, which you are choosing, camping or bunk bed.

The final date for booking a place, is on Monday April 15th. To secure your place you will need to send a deposit of £80, remember places are limited so book early. Payment can be made by direct banking;-

Account name;- Simone Wilkinson

Account Type;- Personal

Account number;- 55512232,

Sort Code;- 53-50-46.

Once you have paid, please send an email to

You can also pay by cheque to;-

Simone Silver Path,

Church View,


Cornhill on Tweed,

TD12 4SN.

Cheques to be made out to Simone Wilkinson.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with me at

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