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Women’s Moon Lodge

So what does it mean to find your true self? Does it mean to lose yourself as you have always known yourself to be? I don’t know, but what I do know is that to become one with the natural world in all of its many manifestations, is to become invisible, to become deeply connected to spirit, the spirit of every rock, every tree, every river, every plant and every animal.

There is no right way to do this; there is just the way that you find. There are no books to read, no maps to follow, no experts to tell you how you ‘should’ be. There is just the unique path on which you find yourself and on which I will accompany you.

I do know that to flow like a clear mountain stream is to move with grace through this earth walk. I know that to speak with the stone nation, the most ancient of all nations, is to be folded into an ancient way of being. I know that we have to excavate our lost language that connects us to all of our relations. I know that to learn the song of every plant spirit is to open your heart and I know that to find Soul Door and open it is to find your way home. I know that to deeply listen is the greatest medicine of all.

There maybe those who would say that you are lost, I would say that you are found. The world is woven into you and you are woven into the world and so finally free.

The lodge is a commitment to finding your way home, to remembering the Ancient Medicine Ways of Women. We are a community committed to returning to the ways of our Mother’s and Grandmothers, to the Great Mother Earth.

This is a mystery way, based on Ceremony, Community and Compassion for all that lives and for those who have gone before and those who are yet to come. This Heart/Soul centred way of living is radical, in that it goes to the roots of everything. This way can transform everything and we do this work for all of our relations.

The next Women’s Moon Lodge will be the Lodge of the Thirteen Moons. Do not commit to this Lodge unless you are willing to do the work, this will be a deep and long journey of return, I make no apology for it not being a quick fix, this is an apprenticeship in the way of Ceremony, Spell Making and Spirit. There will be more details soon and I look forward to travelling with you.

© Simone Silver Path.

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