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Two Rivers and a Tea Room

Spell Making with the Spirit of Rivers

The Tweed, wide and gentle as if flows through this wild and beautiful land, surrounded by the energy of healing plants, Rosebay Willow herb, Convolvulus with her elegant white trumpets draped through the hedgerows like a brides veil that has been left behind. Burdock with her deep rootedness in the sacred earth and her huge heart shaped leaves.

The river moves through these hills like a dark snake winding her way home. The far bank is littered with trees and the ghost trees of elm that has faded, now standing like bare bones bleached by the sun, warning of death and destruction. Life and death go hand in hand in here and everywhere.

Standing by the river watching the swans and their young drifting with the flow. Their white elegant bodies contrasting against the darkness of the water. I notice how light dances with darkness, the light sparkling like the sequins of a Strictly dancer on a dark ball gown.

The river speaks, ‘there is no dark without light and there is no light without darkness, there is only the dance. There is no separation as they move in perfect harmony, together always. The dance belongs to the river and to the heart of each living being.’

The river Till is fast and determined, she finds her way around all obstacles, huge rocks, trees and plants. Her energy is unstoppable as she flows back to source; her determination to reach the sea is her strength. This she says is the gift that belongs to all living beings, this is the medicine, to find your way back to source. The song of this river is full of energy and joy, nothing gets her down, she just keeps going and does not allow obstacles. Her story and her strength are free flowing.

I walk away with a renewed interest and determination to be back in life and come across a tea room with families laughing and enjoying the warmth of the day i a lovely garden. Drinking delicious coffee I can feel the renewal of my own flow, of laughter and hope, of spirit. A small child rides a plastic bike around me with no fear, he is in full flow, unstoppable, He is a river as am I. Two rivers in a tearoom.

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