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Weaving Between Worlds

Heart Centred Medicine Way

I have been apprenticed to Medicine Ways for over 50 years and it is my belief that the profound disconnection from nature that our society experiences is the root cause of illness and dis-ease in today’s world. This disconnection causes separation, isolation and adversely affects mental and spiritual well-being.

My work focuses on a reconnection to the natural world, to humans and non-humans, to ‘all our relations’. It is time to leave the old story and step into a new and bigger story that celebrates every aspect of being alive,  that celebrates the glorious being that you are. It is time to experience this very moment in your life and to feel your connection to the great web of existence.

In the West we tend to think of health as an absence of symptoms, but in ancient culture, health is when you wake up each morning and say,’ Wow, another day, how wonderful.’ It is time to wake up to the joy and beauty of this world, time to be fully alive.

Image by Johnson Wang


I provide in-person and online courses to aid you in your spiritual development and growth


I am a Person Centred psychotherapist working with psychosynthesis and the imaginal world. My work is based on the teachings of James Hillman, a student of Jung.


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